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A Private Social Network For Your School Is The Future Of School Communications

The Collate Loop ensures every person knows everything they need to know, every time, in real time.

The Collate Loop is:

– A school, nursery or club messaging service. – An engagement platform for your parents, leaders, staff, governors, staff and pupils. – A dedicated online form creation and collection platform. – A shared notice board for all school, club or nursery events. – A digital community for your school, club or nursery.

Remove the issues surrounding data protection and the need to rely on existing social media platforms.

The Collate Loop offers all school stakeholders a place to liaise directly with other in a digital forum. Specifically and exclusively available for your School through public, private and hidden groups.

All from the comfort of your smart phone or web browser.

The Collate Loop is a complete social communication platform designed to maximise stakeholder engagement.

Additional features such as Mega Messaging (The School  messaging service), Forms and The School Notice Board elevate your school to a new level of communication previously unobtainable.

Find out more about the Collate Loop and how your school could benefit from having its own Digital School community.

The Collate Loop boasts three clear aims:
To provide a unique set of tools for communication that ensure your school stands out from the crowd
To enhance the learning and experience for parents, pupils, teachers, leaders and governors.

To add distinct value to your School that gives you a unique selling point to prospective parents.

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Mega Messaging

Send the right communications to the right stakeholders at the right time. Maximise engagement and communication with our school, club and nursery messaging service. 


Say goodbye to paper. Forms can be created to suit the needs of the school and all key stakeholders. 

Notice Board

A digital hub where all parties can access all the latest correspondence, school activity, celebrations and notices.

Digital School Community

Enhance stakeholder engagement at all levels of your school. Meet the Collate Loop’s Digital School Community.

Benefits for Teachers

Improves the quality of teaching and learning through faster communication.
Improves the overall effectiveness of your school(s) through social communication and school community engagement.
Improves overall outcomes for children by engaging all key stakeholders at more points in the child’s learning journey.
Offers a safe, an easy to use digital network that directly engages all stakeholders and increases engagement within the school and child education.

Benefits for Parents

The provision of an easy to use, digital platform that significantly reduces time spent on school related ‘admin’.
The use of a safe, data protected online digital school community that enables increased engagement with your child’s teachers, school governors and other parents.
An increased understanding and engagement with your child’s school and education from the use of your mobile device.
The ability to communicate any issues in real-time through the Collate Loop app.
Build relationships with parents and other stakeholders through the Collate Loop’s very own digital school network.

Benefits for Leaders


Ensures your school stands out from the crowd with its own digital community


Offers a unique selling point to prospective parents


Provides the opportunity to generate profit through a unique cost model


Enhances learning and engagement between parents, pupils and teachers


Helps to demonstrate the quality of leadership and management of your school for inspection

Benefits for Governors


Provides the opportunity to generate profit and increase school provisions through an effective cost model


Ensures any issues surrounding governance and leadership can be communicated in real-time via any smart phone or mobile device


Reduces time, cost and resource currently allocated to administrative duties


Improves school efficiencies and processes, whilst aiding two-way communication between all school stakeholders


Provides an easy-to-use and accessible platform for school teachers, leaders and governors to communicate in private and in real-time via features such as the Digital Community’s ‘hidden groups’

Benefits for Pupils


Offers a safe space for pupils to engage online with peers, where all user profiles are vetted and created in accordance with your school’s policies


Encourages a positive and supportive school environment through the creation of a digital school community


Removes issues surrounding misplaced correspondence, as all school updates or letters are communicated via modules such as ‘Forms’, ‘Mega Messaging’ and the ‘Notice Board’


Ensures any issues relayed from pupils to parents [and vice versa], can be relayed quickly at any time of day; increasing the likelihood of a more positive outcome


Improves educational outcomes for all pupils, by encouraging all key stakeholders to communicate daily via a private digital school community

Your Safe Digital School Community

The Loop can be as large or as small as you make it. It is entirely up to you how you use it as a school.

The possibilities are endless! If you can think of it, you can make it!

Find out more about how the benefits are delivered to your school's stakeholders.